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Handmade relishes from my Grandmother's kitchen to your table.

Relish what you eat!

"Chow chow was one of the foods that stirred many memories - everyone in the family always had jars of these chopped vegetables put away."

- Phyllis Haynes

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Thank goodness for Mariah’s Relishes! I had to stock up because I use this relish on everything! Eggs, chicken, fish, potatoes, rice, cooked vegetables, etc. I pair it with crackers and goat cheese for a delicious snack too. If you haven’t tried some, you are missing out!


The best relish, people and story!



Grew up with “chow chow” and this stuff is the real deal.


Best relish in the world!!!


This girl is the real deal! I have been known to hide her relishes from the rest of my family, lol! On occasion, my husband will find it and then it's game over, he's got it finished in one sitting!!


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Always Made Fresh

Our gourmet relishes are made with no preservatives, local North Carolina ingredients, no fats or cholesterol, right here in Fayetteville, NC.