Relish Your Leftovers with Mariah's!

Leftovers. Ugh. One holiday dinner or one family gathering and your fridge literally overflows, refrigerator management becomes a full-time job. Great cooks hate to waste food and with a house full of company, or just your own kids, the refrigerator quickly becomes a nightmare after any big meal. So, what do you do?

Make soup, maybe. Turn mashed potato into pancakes. Maybe a meat pie.

Now, try Mariah's Relishes - they are destined to become a perfect fixer upper for any tired, old leftovers. 

Your eaters will simply relish their breakfast eggsperience with Mariah's beside your leftover-ham & cheese omelet. Mix your leftovers into a quiche and make it pop with a little Mariah's upon it.

Add a little punch to your ham salad with Mariah's Sweet & Mild. Make an open face Beef Sandwich simply scrumptious when you top it with any Mariah's Relishes. A leftover pork loin or roast can turn into some luscious Pulled Pork for a mouth watering sandwich topped with Mariah's and slaw. Yum!

Any leftover roast can become a one pot wonder by just adding enough water to the captured meat drippings or broth to cook your favorite pasta. Then chop the leftover meat into bite size pieces, add veggies if desired and, with about a quarter cup of any Mariah's Relish mixed into the pasta, you've got a big hit with the family, no more leftovers, and with only one pan to clean!

Keep coming back for periodic Mariah's Relish recipe ideas and please share your freshly relished culinary delights with us too!

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