Our Story

I, Phyllis Haynes, am an accidental entrepreneur! In 2002 my cousin and I wanted to create and publish some favorite recipes. Chow Chow was one the foods that stirred many memories. Everyone in the family always had jars of these chopped vegetables put away. I had never canned before, however, I decided this would be my first time. It became a hobby that lasted for five years. In 2007 I took the hobby to shelf in some Connecticut stores, to include Whole Foods. My business did well, but a product business can be most difficult. I closed in 2016 and moved to North Carolina. It took a year for me to make the decision to take another leap. Once it’s in your blood it is hard to shake. My re-launch was January 2019 and so far, I am glad I made that decision.  Mariah’s Gourmet Relishes.

"It's not about the relish, it is the relationships". Therefore, I remain resilient.

Who is Mariah?

Great Grandmother

“Who is Mariah?” Well, this is a question that I get asked all of the time!